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Welcome to Essex County Country Club.

Our staff prides themselves in making sure all your golf and recreational needs are satisfied. We hope you enjoy the challenges of one of the premier golf courses in the Tri-State area as much as we enjoy having you here!

  • Dress Code
    • To assure consistency of acceptable social standards ECCC has adopted specific dress code. Members are responsible for advising their guest to obey the Club’s dress policies.

      The following dress code applies for all areas of the Clubhouse:
      Smart Casual or Country Club Casual Attire is permitted throughout the Clubhouse.

      NOTE: The following attire is not permitted by any Member, Member’s family or guests including children at any time.

      • Crewneck or V-neck Sweaters unaccompanied by a collared shirt,

      • Jeans that do not comply with the Dress Jeans detailed policy below

      • Tank Top Shirts

      • Mesh or Fishnet Shirts

      • Shirts with slogans or inappropriate printing

      • Men must not wear hats in any area of the Clubhouse

      • Men’s Sandals

      • Pool Wear

      • Tennis Clothes

      • Cargo Shorts / Pants

      • Flip Flops

      • Sweat Shirt / Sweat Pants (including Hoodies)

      • Golf shoes are not permitted on the Main level of the Clubhouse (except for ladies walking to the Ladies Locker Room and Lounge). For certain events, golf shoes may be permitted on the main level of the Clubhouse due to the location of breakfast, lunch or other events (Members and Guests will be notified of such exceptions).

      NOTE: For men, Golf Shirts and Dress Shirts must be tucked in at all times while on club property. However, shirts that are designed to be worn untucked, (for instance, Tommy Bahama style shirts) may be worn in the Clubhouse or on the patio and veranda, but not on the golf course or practice facilities. Members are to instruct their guests of the adopted Club dress code.

      Shorts are allowed in all dining areas (unless a special dress code is in effect) with the exception of the Main Dining Room. Shorts must adhere to the Golf Attire requirements listed below.


      It is permissible to wear "dress jeans" in the following locations: Men's Locker Room, Ladies' Locker Room; Mixed Grill; Lounge; Outdoor Patio/Pavilion; and the Men's Grill. White Jeans are allowed on the Patio. The Board defines "dress jeans" as denim that is not excessively faded and is free of rips, tears, holes, etc. All other aspects of the Dress Code above remain intact. Please note that allowing dress jeans in the above-specified areas does not signal an overall relaxation of the Dress Code; Members and their guests are required to follow all other aspects of the Code at all times.

      The dress code for Club events will be defined on an event-by-event basis. You should not assume jeans are permitted at an event - please consult the event communications for the applicable dress code or contact the Clubhouse for guidance.
      Members arriving at the Club in non-approved attire (e.g., straight from the gym), are permitted to enter directly into their respective Locker Rooms. You must proceed directly to your locker and change into appropriate clothing. Men should use the Lower Parking Lot to access the Locker Room in such situations and women should utilize the upper parking lot and entrance closest to the Ladies Locker Room.
      Pool attire must be worn in the pool area. Jeans may be worn to arrive and exit the pool area.

      Golf Attire

      Golf areas include the following:
      Golf Course, Putting Green, Practice areas, and Locker Rooms (except that the lower putting green nearest to the pool has a relaxed dress code when it is in use for ECCC 18 hole miniature golf).

      Male Golfers and Guests

      Shorts of Bermuda length (2-3 inches above the knee), slacks and plus fours will be permitted in the designated
      golf areas.

      Male golfers must wear shirts with collars at all times, with the exception of mock turtlenecks. Cut-offs, jeans, T-shirts, short-shorts, cargo shorts/pants, open mesh shirts (fishnet) or any undergarment type of attire is not permitted. Shirts must be worn tucked in.

      Hats with peaks must be worn with the peak in the front and when entering the indoor facilities headgear must be removed.

      Female Golfers

      Female golfers must wear golf dresses, golf skorts or skirts, culottes, slacks, or Bermuda type (2-3 inches above the knee) shorts or at least overall length of 16 inches, accompanied by an appropriate golf shirt.
      Any compression garments (leggings/tights) must be worn under approved garments.

      Brief shorts/skirts/skorts, brief shirts, tank tops, warm-up suits, jeans (designer or otherwise) are not permitted in the designated golf areas.

      Hats with peaks should be worn with the peak in the front.

      Tennis Courts

      Proper attire is required when using the ECCC tennis courts. Smooth-soled or soft-soled sneakers only - sneakers with cleats or raised soles of any kind are not permitted. Non-tennis tank tops and t-shirts are not permitted nor are corporate logo tee shirts, bra tops, cargo shorts, and denim. There is no restriction on color.

      NOTE: Tennis attire is permitted on the outdoor patio during lunch hours.


      Proper bathing attire is permitted in the immediate pool area only and to and from vehicles in the lower parking lot.

  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Cell phones and related devices have become a common part of everyday life. Please review the following policy:

      1.  “Cell phones” (used in its generic form and understood to include all related devices) must be on silent or vibrate mode at all times.

      2. Texting, e-mailing, and critical phone use is permitted on the golf course and in practice areas. When engaging in any cell phone use on the golf course or in practice areas, you are required to immediately remove yourself from active play or practice; delays or disruptions due to such usage will not be tolerated.

      3. Discrete texting and e-mailing is acceptable in all Clubhouse areas. Making or receiving phone calls is not permitted in any Clubhouse area other than: restrooms; Men’s Locker Room; Ladies’ Locker Room and Lounge. Additionally, in the Men's Grill Room 9but not on the patio adjacent to the Men's Grill), individuals may answer a call, but must immediately remove themelves to the Locker Room for any conversations beyond merely answering the call.

      4. Making and receiving phone calls is permitted in the Lower Parking Lot. Please be aware of your surroundings and maintain an appropriate volume level. Making and receiving calls is permitted in the Upper Parking Lot within your vehicle.

      5. Hands-free usage of any sort is strictly prohibited on Club property and any permissible phone calls must be conducted in a discrete, low volume level.

      6. Cell phone use is not permitted on the tennis courts or within earshot of the courts.

      7. Discrete texting and e-mailing and phone usage is permitted at the pool.

  • Smoking Policy
    • The smoking policy of the Club will be governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey at all times. There is no smoking in any area of the Clubhouse. The only structure in which persons may smoke is the patio adjacent to the Men's Grill Room.

  • Map & Directions
    • Essex County Country Club
      350 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
      West Orange, NJ 07052

      Phone: 973-731-1400
      Fax: 973-731-0171
      Email: reception@essexcountycc.com

      GARDEN STATE PARKWAY: North or South to exit 145 – 280 West to exit 8A (Prospect Ave). Take Prospect Ave to the third light. Turn right onto Mt. Pleasant Ave (Route 10). Club entrance is on LEFT about 1/4 mile down Mt. Pleasant Ave.

      NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE (I-95): Exit 15W to Route 280 West to exit 8A. Follow above directions from exit 8A.

      HOLLAND TUNNEL: NJ Turnpike North to exit 15W to Route 280 West. Follow above directions from 280 West.

      GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE: NJ Turnpike South to exit 15W to Route 280 West. Follow above directions from 280 West.

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